Steroids Have Become Standard Medicine For All But Athletes

Steroids Standard Medicine for Athletes

Steroid use has become about as common in major league sporting events as it has in body sculpting and weightlifting competitions. While the use of steroids appears to be increasing, this could be more a sign that testing measures are becoming more accurate and that they are simply catching more athletes in the lie. While it takes little effort to buy steroids online, giving easy access to anyone looking to bulk up, is the zero tolerance policy implemented by most sporting organizations really the best answer to combating the their use? The current mentality surrounding steroid use in competitive sports is that it is a horrible taboo that is running rampant, and no test is currently complete enough to catch every possible form of its use. This proscription is based on the idea that anyone who would buy steroids online is cheating or unwilling to work as hard as others in the sport. The reality of the situation is that most athletes today use some form of performance enhancer, and the use of steroids is a fall back to keep up with the competition.

Meanwhile, the availability of purchasing steroids online has been a great success for nonathletic individuals who need to fill prescriptions for chronic diseases like asthma and tendonitis. In fact, the medical world is continuing to find new and fantastic ways to utilize steroids to alleviate common issues by regulating the quantity and duration for which the medication is taken. One of the biggest issues currently facing the sporting world is not the use of steroids, but rather an inability for regulators to effectively manage their misuse. With even the slightest elevated levels of testosterone, a runner can be banned for two years, a cyclist can be completely removed from a team, and a champion’s trophies and records can be stripped away from them. This is perfectly understandable when the athlete has purposefully abused the substance to gain a lead over fellow competitors, but it does not offer a remedy for individuals who have a need for them medication and are unable to buy Steroids online.

Unfortunately, there is currently no easy alternative to a zero-tolerance policy as many competitors are liable to take advantage of any new system that is put in place. Even with that, the current animosity towards purchasing steroids online has not done the sporting industry any good, and may be causing more long-term damage than a full acceptance policy. Steroids will ultimately continue to become a building block for medications, and commissioners will be forced to create more accepting regulations. John Thomas has been following the events of many major athletes and their ability to purchase steroids online for over 6 years. With the increased usage in the past 20 years, and the wide variety of non-performance enhancing purposes for the drug, Mr. Thomas has begun questioning the necessity for zero-tolerance measures forced on athletes. The freedom to buy steroids online belongs to everyone, including professional athletes who require additional regulation to ensure their purchases are for reasons other than boosting strength.

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