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1ml Insulin Syringe - Syringe - Becton Dickinson, USA
9.00 USD 10.00 USD

1ml Insulin Syringe

Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
Pack: 10 x 1ml Insulin Syringe

2ml Syringe with Needle - Syringe - Becton Dickinson, USA
9.00 USD 10.00 USD

2ml Syringe with Needle

Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
Pack: 10 x 2ml Insulin Syringe with Needle

5ml Syringe with Needle - Syringe - Becton Dickinson, USA
1.00 USD 1.00 USD

5ml Syringe with Needle

Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
Pack: 1 x 5ml Insulin Syringe with Needle

Syringes and needles are sterile devices used to inject solutions into or withdraw secretions from the body. A syringe is a calibrated glass or plastic cylinder with a plunger at one and an opening that attaches to a needle. The needle is a hollow metal tube with a pointed tip.

A syringe and needle assembly is used to administer drugs when a small amount of fluid is to be injected; when a person cannot take the drug by mouth; or when the drug would be destroyed by digestive secretions. A syringe and needle may also be used to withdraw various types of body fluids, most commonly tissue fluid from swollen joints or blood from veins.

Syringe is a piston pump consisting of a tube with matching plunger that can create vacuum to suck the liquid into the syringe and after administering it through a needle by pushing on the plunger. The tube is usually made of plastic, same goes for the plunger with the added rubber at the end to provide a perfect seal which enables hypodermic needle to draw and later inject liquids. You can buy syringes and appropriate subcutaneous or intramuscular needles using links below. Information on this web site must not be considered as medical advice. One should always consult a licensed physician prior to use of any medications.

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