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Steroid Use

Are we paying a price to get bigger, stronger, faster? Today there is a topic that continues to pervade our media and is impacting the lives of teenagers, parents, and professional athletes alike. The issue at hand is steroids, and it is apparent that it will not be resolved any time soon.

Steroids are not a novel drug, but in recent years, they have been drawing attention from lawmakers and the courts. Today investigations and raids of supplement producers, doctors and athletes have become almost commonplace in the news. Everyone knows steroids are illegal, and we have all heard that they are bad for you, but why?

Steroids are synthetic compounds created to mimic the effects of the naturally occurring male hormone testosterone. They lead to enhanced muscle growth and more rapid recovery from exercise. They have been in use since the 1930s, when they were first synthesized, but they were not declared a controlled substance until 1990. While they have been illegal for nearly two decades, anabolic steroid use continues to rise, particularly among American youth.

At 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Mandela Room of Binghamton University, the Eating Awareness Committee is sponsoring "Bigger, Stronger, Faster," an informative presentation and debate. The program will predominantly focus on the documentary film, which bears the same name. There will be a number of experts on hand, including professional trainers, physicians, researchers and fitness enthusiasts, to answer questions about the film and the topic of steroids.

While the legal status of anabolic steroids in America is quite clear, the ethical and medical issues surrounding their use are more ambiguous. In America, we place professional athletes on the highest pedestal, idolizing them and admiring their incredible talents and capabilities. The BSF presentation will help to explore this topic and how it is relevant to the issues surrounding steroids.

There is a plethora of side effects that have been associated with steroids, but only certain ones have been documented with concrete evidence. Proponents of their use argue that no drug is 100 percent safe and in that respect, they are like any legal substance.

Steroids are illegal because they are considered a form of cheating, particularly with regard to sports, or is it that they pose a major health risk and could be potentially life-threatening? The issue certainly has grown more confusing in recent years, with numerous athletes being investigated for their alleged use of the illegal compounds- not because they are dangerous but rather are a form of cheating.

Another issue is that of supplements, specifically those for fitness purposes. Currently, there are thousands of products that promote steroid-like benefits and due to weak federal regulations, they make their way onto the store shelve legally. If they have effects similar to anabolic steroids, then why are they not banned?

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