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Methandienone for Sale

Methandienone - more than 50 years used by athletes to improve athletic performance. It continues to be popular even today. Athletes choose Methandienone for building muscle mass and to increase physical parameters.

Where we can buy Methandienone?

If you want to not just to buy Methandienone, but do it with profit for yourself and not to be afraid for its quality, our store will provide such an opportunity. We have not only attractive prices, but experienced managers who will be able to answer all your questions. We deliver orders worldwide that guarantees safety and fast delivery:

Methandienone Profile

  • Anabolic activity - 200%.
  • Androgenic activity - 50%.
  • The ability to transform into estrogens is moderate.
  • The ability to load the liver is moderate.
  • The form of this steroid is tablet and injectable.
  • The duration of exposure into the body is about 8 hours.
  • Detection time is three months.

Methandienone Effects

Methandienone has a large list of properties and effects, thanks to which athletes improve their results. Now you have the opportunity to purchase not only a tablet version of Methandienone, but also an injection one. It should immediately be noted that they practically do not differ in their properties:

  • Rapid weight gain of moderate quality.
  • Physical parameters increase.
  • Has some fat burning effect, which can be characterized as moderate.
  • Improves the performance of the joint-ligament apparatus.

Application and Dosages of Methandienone

Solo Methandienone cycles are most often conducted by beginning bodybuilders. This steroid must be taken daily. The recommended daily dosage is in the range of 30 to 50 mg. Note that today a cycle of Methandienone is the most affordable in terms of financial costs. The duration of the course, as a rule, does not exceed two months.

To obtain the maximum possible results, we recommend that you do combined courses. The most popular AAS used in combination with Methandienone are Nandrolone and Testosterone. You can also use other injectable steroids, for example, Trenbolone or Primobolan. To suppress the estrogenic activity of this drug on its course, it is necessary to additionally use antiestrogens.

Methandienone Reviews

After reading Methandienone reviews, you'll see that quite often bodybuilders talk about a decent kickback effect. To reduce losses after the cycle, be sure to use aromatase inhibitors and perform PCT.

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