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Enantat 400
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Enantat 400

Synthetic Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid
Raw Material: Testosterone Enanthate
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Package: 10 mL Vial [400 mg/mL]
Warning! High dosed gear, can cause pain and reaction at the injection site!`
Warm high concentration 400 mg<
before administration
in order to avoid high levels of PIP
and massage afterward.

Enantat 400 Profile

Classification: Synthetic, Injectable Active Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid
Active Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Concentration: 400 mg/mL
Active Half-Life: 5 - 7 Days
Dosage: 400 - 1600 mg/week (Men)
Acne: Yes
Water Retention: Yes
HBR: Perhaps
Hepatotoxicity: No
Aromatization: Yes
Anabolic Activity Index: 100%
Androgenic Activity Index: 100%
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Dragon Pharma company produces an excellent mass-gaining drug - Enantat 400, which can be bought advantageously in our steroids store. It is based on the prolonged ester compound of synthetic male hormone - Testosterone Enanthate. The only difference from endogenous Testosterone is a long period of work. The properties that this drug possesses made it extremely popular in "iron" sports.

Enantat 400 Effects

For more than fifty years of use in sports, this drug has gained immense popularity. In many ways, this is due to the presence of a large number of effects that have a beneficial effect on the body of athletes. Now we will consider the main positive properties:

  • Muscular mass is built at a rapid pace.
  • Improves joints.
  • A strong pumping effect is created.
  • Physical parameters are growing.
  • The balance of nitrogen improves.
  • A smooth hormonal background is maintained.
  • The processes of recovery of the body are stimulated.
  • Increases the athlete's motivation.

This is only a small part of the effects inherent in this drug. Rare cycles for mass building are done without Testosterone Enanthate. It is quite obvious that due to the high androgenic power, this steroid can not be used by women. Like any AAS, Enantat 400 has some side effects. However, most often on cycle they are manifested through the fault of the athletes themselves, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Enantat 400 Doses

This drug can be used by all athletes regardless of their level of preparation. We recall that even a minimal amount of Enantat 400 can lead to virilization, and women should not use this drug. Weekly dosage of anabolic is in the range from 400 to 800 mg. You can inject this drug once or twice a week. In the second case, injections must be made through equidistant time intervals. The average duration of Enantat 400 cycle is 6-8 weeks. If the drug is used for more than ten weeks, the course should include Fertigyn.

Enantat 400 Cycles

The maximum possible results can be achieved by combining cycles. Depending on the combination you choose, the emphasis can be shifted towards quantity or quality of the mass being built. For example, to get a dry mass, you can use a stack of Enantat 400 - Winstrol Depot. Let's consider this cycle in more detail:

  • The weekly dose of Enanthate will be 400 mg.
  • Winstrol Depot take every day in an amount of 30 milligrams.
  • The duration of this cycle is eight weeks.

This cycle should include Proviron in order to slow down the processes of aromatization. After completing the course, during PTC take Nolvadex. You can also use Clomid according to your preferences.

Enantat 400 Reviews

Dec 13, 2017 (11:48)

Test e is top notch. Been using it for about a year. Libido has been off the charts the entire time even through stretches of tren and deca. For me it's hit or miss as far as pip goes with the test. When it happens it's about three days later and can be bad. It only happens once every three or four time I'd say.

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