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SP Cypionate
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SP Cypionate

Synthetic Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid
Raw Material: Testosterone Cypionate
Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
Package: 10 mL Vial [250 mg/mL]

SP Cypionate Profile

Classification: Synthetic, Injectable Active Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid
Active Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Concentration: 250 mg/mL
Active Half-Life: 15 - 16 Days
Dosage: 300 - 2000 mg/week (Men)
Acne: Yes
Water Retention: Yes
HBR: Perhaps
Hepatotoxicity: No
Aromatization: Yes
Anabolic Activity Index: 100%
Androgenic Activity Index: 100%
Manufacturer: SP Laboratories

SP Cypionate from SP Labs is familiar to experienced athletes. This is an excellent mass-building drug, which is most effective in power sports disciplines. If you decide to use this drug, you can quickly gain weight and increase your power parameters. Since this drug is prolonged, it is often not necessary to administer it. SP Cypionate has many positive effects, of which we will recall.

The first preparations based on Testosterone Cypionate appeared after Enanthate. It is quite obvious that athletes did not immediately decide to start using them. In fact, SP Cypionate does not differ from SP Enanthate. However, over time, this steroid began to enjoy great success. This is primarily due to its effects. Consider the main properties of this drug:

  • Helps to avoid the appearance of hormones imbalances.
  • Quickly suppresses the activity of corticosteroids.
  • Oxygen is quickly delivered to internal organs.
  • Increases appetite.
  • Increased sexual desire.
  • Provides a fast gain of mass.
  • Stimulates the work of the hematopoietic system.
  • Grows physical indicators.

Since the drug is both a powerful anabolic and androgen, some side effects are possible on cycle. However, do not be afraid of this, because a competently designed cycle allows you to avoid various problems. However, we will talk about the rules for the use of SP Cypionate below. Meanwhile, a couple of words about potential side effects.

First of all, we are talking about gynecomastia. To suppress it, anti-estrogens, such as Proviron, should be present in the cycle. The second serious negative effect of using SP Cypionate is suppression of testicles. If your cycle lasts less than ten weeks, then to restore the body it is necessary, only to conduct the correct PCT. During long courses, Fertigyn should be included in their composition.

SP Cypionate Doses

For beginners, it is possible to recommend a solo SP Cypionate cycle. This will be enough for you to get excellent results. During the week you need to do one shot at a dosage of 250-500 mg. If there is sufficient experience in the use of anabolic steroids, dosage can be brought up to 750 mg, but it is better to switch to combined cycles. Also note that it is not necessary to conduct cycles lasting more than eight weeks.

SP Cypionate Cycles

When composing combined cycles, you can use any steroids. This opens up broad prospects. For example, the combination of SP Cypionate, SP Turabolan and SP Stanozol will allow you to gain quality mass. Let's consider this cycle in more detail:

  • The weekly dose of SP Cypionate is 500 mg.
  • SP Stanozol should be used daily in an amount of 50 milligrams.
  • Take SP Turabolan every day, and the dosage of the drug on this time interval will be 40 milligrams.
  • The duration of this cycle is eight weeks.

To conduct PCT, as always, use Clomid or Nolvadex.

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