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Testoxyl Propionate - Testosterone Propionate - Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
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Testoxyl Propionate

Synthetic Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid
Raw Material: Testosterone Propionate
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Package: 10 mL Vial [100 mg/mL]

Testoxyl Propionate Profile

Classification: Synthetic, Injectable Active Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid
Active Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Concentration: 100 mg/mL
Active Half-Life: 2 - 3 Days
Dosage: 350 - 2000 mg/week (Men)
Acne: Yes
Water Retention: Low
Hepatotoxicity: No
Aromatization: Yes
Anabolic Activity Index: 100%
Androgenic Activity Index: 100%
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

Today we will talk about one extremely popular drug - Testoxyl Propionate from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, which you can buy from us. Its main active ingredient is Testosterone Propionate. Propionate can be called a universal AAS, because it helps athletes to solve various problems. It can be used with equal efficiency by bodybuilders and athletes.

In our steroid store you can buy any kind of anabolic steroids and at the same time save money. In addition, you can not be afraid for the quality of purchased products. We sell exclusively original products of world brands. We managed to establish direct deliveries from the warehouses of pharmaceutical companies, which allowed not to overstate the value of AAS. Deciding to make an order, you can save a lot. To buy steroids you do not need a lot of time, and the goods will be delivered to any region of the world.

Testoxyl Propionate Effects

This drug enjoys great success in sports due to the large number of positive effects. Now we will consider the main positive properties:

  • Improves the quality of muscles.
  • Sharply increases the strength of the course.
  • Powerful fat burning activity.
  • The process of muscle fibers growth is stimulated without delay in the body of water.
  • Increases sexual desire.
  • There is an improvement in the condition of bone tissues and joints.
  • Positively affects the work of the heart muscle.

Since the half-life of Propionate is small, the results of its application will appear almost immediately after administration. However, injections need to be done frequently to avoid hormonal background surges. If your body has a high sensitivity to aromatization, then on cycle, use Proviroxyl. Do not exclude the appearance of androgenic side effects. However, if you follow the rules for using Propionate, they are unlikely.

Testoxyl Propionate Doses

This drug showed itself perfectly, both solo and as part of combined courses. Now we will focus on the first method of using this steroid. Do not use this drug for more than eight weeks. You need to inject Propionate every other day. In this case, a single dose is often 100 mg, although experienced athletes sometimes bring it up to 200 mg.

Testoxyl Propionate Cycles

With combined cycles, everything is much more interesting. First of all, this is due to the lack of restrictions on the combination of Propionate with other AAS. As a result, it will not be difficult to find an excellent stack for solving your task. For example, experienced bodybuilders can conduct a powerful cycle. For this, it is necessary to use a combination of two short esters - Testoxyl Propionate and Trenboxyl Acetate. Let's consider this cycle in more detail:

  • Testosterone propionate every other day in the amount of 100 mg.
  • Trenboxyl Acetate can be injected through the day in an amount of 50-100 milligrams.
  • The duration of this course is eight weeks.

Also on cycle you have to take Cabaser and Proviron to suppress all possible side effects. After completion of the cycle during PCT use Clomixyl. In addition, Nolvaxyl is not worth using.

Testoxyl Propionate Reviews

Nov 18, 2021 (09:26)

Nothing but good results form this brand of prop. Easy draw, low pip, and good positive sides that indicate a great product. Increased bp, good pumps, and mild acne not to mention oily skin were the effects after a few days on.

Jun 27, 2018 (12:20)

I was very impressed with this prop, some of the best I've had for sure. I could always feel it the day after i pinned. All the sides were there, libido, oily face, minor acne. And it didn't have to bad of pip. Thin oil to. No complaints very satisfied. The kalpa brand actually surprised me with the quality and potency of the oil. Would definitely use this source again. Good products

Jun 20, 2018 (09:06)

Package arrived in seven days. Packaging was fair but effective. I've been using the prop as a taper for the last eleven days. The oil is so thin and haven't experience any PIP from the oil. My levels feel spot on, at 75mg a day. The water weight I was carrying is gone and veins are popping. For me, a noticeable increase in appetite takes place with Prop usage, in comparison to ethanate, and the appetite increase is present with this oil.

Mar 12, 2018 (16:30)

crystal clear, sparkling clean oil, nice quality with no pain injections, I used @ 100mgs eod as a taper at the end of my cycle, really nice gear to use, good lean gains. I would recommend shopping here, good gear, good communication, and very quick delivery.

Jan 17, 2013 (15:00)

Solid product....did just what its supposed to. I keep test a little lower than tren/mast....works for me. Libido up, strength up, dick workin' just fine, thank you!

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