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Turanabol - 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone - Dragon Pharma, Europe
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Synthetic Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid
Raw Material: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Package: 100 tablets [10 mg/tablet]

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Turanabol Profile

Classification: Synthetic, Orally Active Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid
Active Substance: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Concentration: 10 mg/tablet
Active Half-Life: 16 Hours
Dosage: 20 - 50 mg/day (Men)
Acne: Yes
Water Retention: Low
HBR: Perhaps
Hepatotoxicity: Yes
Aromatization: No
Anabolic Activity Index: 180%
Androgenic Activity Index: 50%
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Turanabol can be easily recommend to athletes who want to increase physical parameters and gain quality weight. It is a strong anabolic with moderate androgenic activity. The drug has a number of other positive properties, which will be discussed below. Note that this steroid can be useful for solving various problems in sports.

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Turanabol Effects

This drug is based on an active ingredient called 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. It is similar in many ways to Dianabol, but it has some differences that make it unique. First of all, we are talking about the lack of aromatization. This fact says not only that you on Turanabol cycle will not run into water retention, but can also avoid estrogenic side effects. This drug is not without reason considered one of the safest AAS.

Let's note a few main positive properties of this steroid:

  • Designed for high quality muscular mass.
  • Promotes a rapid increase in power parameters.
  • Has strong fat burning properties.
  • There is no muscle loss.
  • Not prone to aromatization.

These are just a few of the main positive properties of Turanabol. However, it must be remembered that this is a steroid drug affecting the endocrine system. Although side effects on Turanabol cycle occur extremely rarely, do not completely discount the likelihood of their development. If you follow the instructions strictly in preparing the course, you may not be afraid for your health.

Turanabol Doses

This drug is popular in power and short power sports disciplines. The daily dosage of Turanabol depends on the experience of the athlete and the tasks assigned to him. We recommend limiting the dosage to 20-100 milligrams. The duration of the cycle is standard and should not exceed two months.

Turanabol Cycles

It is quite obvious that the entire potential of the drug can be revealed only during the combined cycle. There are a lot of options for carrying it out and you should be guided by your tasks when choosing a stack. Consider an effective mass-training cycle for beginners. With it, you can gain mass of high quality and in large quantities:

  • The daily dosage of Turanabol is 50 milligrams, divided into three doses.
  • Enantat 250 is used in the amount of 100 mg for a week, and it is advisable to make injections twice for seven days.

  • The cycle duration is 8 weeks.

To suppress the estrogenic activity of Testosterone enanthate, Femara or another aromatase inhibitor should be present in the cycle. During the cycle, the activity of HPTA will be suppressed quite strongly and after the completion of the AAS use, it is necessary to conduct PCT. At this time, use a standard set of drugs - Clomid or Nolvadex, as well as a Testosterone booster.

Turanabol Reviews

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